Applet Test

If you are seeing this text, Java is not enabled in your browser!

A Note on Recent Browser Restrictions

Thanks to Oracle's slow reactions to security flaws in the applet runtime environment many modern browsers restrict applet execution in various ways. You may even see nothing above in some cases, not even the hint that you should enable Java in your browser when no applet is displayed on this page.

If you want to use the applet on your own page, here is what you can do.

Other Examples

  • Very simple model view in page, with Javascript access
  • Complex view in a frame (not signed, so printing is possible, but saving not)
  • Using signed applet for saving and printing
  • 3D view, with Javascript access
  • Exchanging texts
  • Changing colors
  • DXF Viewer Frame
  • Over JNLP (requires Java 1.6.0_10 or newer)
  • Over JNLP using deployment script (not working yet)
  • Text search from Javascript
  • Information



    As the applet is free, I usually don't have much feedback who is using it. But here are some sites which I found by accident: