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de·caff DXF Viewer Version 2.00:
Source Code, Libraries and more

Commercial License

The source code of the DXF viewer is used by various companies, including some world famous players. It is high quality industrial grade Java code divided into various modules, well-documented and easy to adapt to your needs with a good chance to keep the possibility to gain from future updates.

A company license for usage of the Java source code of the DXF Viewer standalone application, the DXF Viewer applet plus various examples and tools may be purchased for a one-time license fee of

5,400.00 € (five-thousand four-hundred Euro, see also VAT Note)

The license allows usage in a unlimitted number of projects and copies, and includes one year of free email support and one year of free updates.

Of course I don't expect you to believe the inital marketing blah blah in this section. Contact me to get the chance to test the code and evalutate whether it fits your needs. If you can provide a short overview of these needs I may be able to give a few pointers. Experience shows that a normally skilled programmer has no problems in adapting the code to a desired purpose.

Non-commercial License

Open Source

The DXF Viewer is free, but at the moment its source code is not open (to keep the investment of my customers the source code will be published eventually, either because of my sudden death or because I'll become to old to grab a keyboard). But at the moment the source is closed, and as the commercial licenses pay part of my rent there is no chance to include its sources with any open source project.

Sorry! I really like open source, I use open source a lot myself (the viewer is programmed on a Linux machine), I made some small open source tools myself, contributed to various others (you can even find my name in the cdda2wav(1) manpage), but at the moment I prefer my viewer's source to be and stay closed, so currently there is no chance that open source projects will get my permission to include my code.

Other Usages

But you may apply for the sources if you use them for learning purposes, eg just for private interest or for University projects. The main restrictions are that the usage is non-commercially, that the source code is not published and my copyright is generally kept. Just try to contact me and state the purpose of the usage you plan to make with the sources.


Based on my viewer's code I also provide binary Java libraries allowing access to or display of DXF files. The libraries are provided in binary form (i.e. without source code) with javadoc and usage examples.

The libs may be used in a unlimitted number of projects and copies, and come with one year of free email support and one year of free updates. Just contact me if you are interested in one of the libraries and you'll get access to it for your evaluation. Companies which have purchased a license may apply for a discount when purchasing a Source Code License.

The following libraries are available (see also VAT Note), current tool revision is 1349:

 PurposeRevision LocationPrice
dxf-image.jar Reads a DXF file and creates a java.awt.Image from it. Also provides drawing to a java.awt.Graphics object especially useful for nice printing. de.caff.dxf.image.DxfImageProvider#REVISION 550.00 €
dxf-java2d.jar Generic library to read a DXF file and create objects based on java.awt.Shape from it. Comes with an elaborated example creating "rich shapes", which are shapes which know about their color, their DXF layer and how to draw themselves. de.caff.dxf.model.java2d.ShapeConverter#REVISION 550.00 €
DXF Viewer unobfuscated The de·caff DXF Viewer, but unobfuscated and with javadoc documentation. de.caff.dxf.swing.ViewerConstantsSwing#REVISION 850.00 €

Contract Work

As I'm working as a freelancer there is the possibility to hire me for contract work, so I could possibly do the enhancements to the viewer's code which your project requires, although you should be prepared that usually my schedule is quite tight.

For work on the viewer I usually take a base fee for the code used from the viewer, and calculate an hourly rate of 85.00 €/h (see also VAT Note). If fix prices are required I usually estimate the necessary time, multiply that with the hourly rate and add 20% for the risks involved.


My name is Rammi. Please use the following email address for requests regarding the DXF Viewer:

VAT Note

German customers are required to pay an additional 19% VAT.

Other customers from the European Union have to provide their valid European VAT ID, otherwise they are also required to pay 19% German VAT.

Customers outside the European Union are not required to pay German VAT, but their local laws may enforce them to pay local VAT.