Applet Parameters

dxf.file URL URL of DXF file to be displayed in viewer (may be packed with zip/gzip), relative to document base
dxf.applet.gui.descr URL URL of GUI description file, defining how the applet looks, relative to document base. See GUI description reference.
dxf.applet.inpage boolean Run in page (true) or in a frame (false). If running in a frame and no GUI description URL (see parameter dxf.applet.gui.desription above) is given, a standard DXF Viewer frame is used.
dxf.default.codepage codepage name Fallback codepage to use for files not defining one. Possibly values (the same codepage may appear under different names):
  • ANSI_1250
  • ANSI_1251
  • ANSI_1252
  • ANSI_1253
  • ANSI_1254
  • ANSI_1255
  • ANSI_1256
  • ANSI_1257
  • ANSI_1258
  • ANSI_437
  • ANSI_850
  • ANSI_852
  • ANSI_855
  • ANSI_857
  • ANSI_860
  • ANSI_861
  • ANSI_863
  • ANSI_864
  • ANSI_865
  • ANSI_869
  • ANSI_874
  • ANSI_932
  • ANSI_936
  • ANSI_949
  • ANSI_950
  • BIG5
  • CP437
  • CP850
  • CP852
  • CP855
  • CP857
  • CP860
  • CP861
  • CP863
  • CP864
  • CP865
  • CP869
  • CP874
  • CP932
  • CP936
  • CP949
  • CP950
  • DOS437
  • DOS850
  • DOS852
  • DOS855
  • DOS857
  • DOS860
  • DOS861
  • DOS863
  • DOS864
  • DOS865
  • DOS869
  • DOS874
  • DOS932
  • DOS936
  • DOS949
  • DOS950
  • ISO8859_1
  • ISO8859_2
  • SJIS
  • UTF_16
  • UTF_8
  • WINDOWS-1250
  • WINDOWS-1251
  • WINDOWS-1252
  • WINDOWS-1253
  • WINDOWS-1254
  • WINDOWS-1255
  • WINDOWS-1256
  • WINDOWS-1257
  • WINDOWS-1258
dxf.default.font font name Font used when a font referenced by the file is not available.
dxf.fontdir URL for directory where to look for additional SHX fonts Directory where unknown SHX fonts are looked for. As unsigned applets have restrictions to access other servers the best idea is probably to use a relative path, which is evaluated with respect to the containing HTML document's base URL.
Basically font names in DXF are case-insensitive, but your web server may handle file lookup differently. Although the applet is trying some probable combinations it is recommended to use lower-case font names (including the SHX extension) because that is the first thing the applet looks for, before trying other possibilities.
dxf.default.bigfont font name Font used when a bigfont referenced by the file is not available.
dxf.applet.print.scaled boolean Deprecated: Use dxf.applet.print.mode instead.
If set to true the model is printed to scale, by putting the view center to the paper center and drawing everything around in scale. See also next param.
Otherwise the current view is printed to fit the paper.
dxf.applet.print.mode Print mode Currently three values are supported:
  • fitview: Fit the current view to the paper.
    This will scale the current view that it is completely visible on the paper, possibly printing more if the paper has a different aspect ratio.
  • fixscale: This prints the current view's center to the center of the paper, scaling everything around with a fix scale. You'll need to define the model unit to fit your model in order to make this possible, see dxf.model.unit.length.
  • paperfix: This behaves like fixscale if a paper size indicator is active, and like fitview if not.
dxf.model.unit.length length unit, eg 1cm Defines the length of one unit in the model. Used when scaled printing (see previous param) is enabled. Default is 1mm.
cookies List of cookies Defines a list of cookies which are added to each request to the server (for DXF files and fonts). A cookie is defined by "name=value" (w/o quotes), several cookies can be concatenated with a "; " (semicolon space, w/o quotes). Example:
<param name="cookies" value="userId=snoopy; sessionId=SID123456; isAuthenticated=true"/> boolean show debug window?
debug.print.console boolean print debug messages to Java console?
debug.mask some or all of TSWEFLA Debug message mask:
TTrace messages
SStandard messages
FFatal errors
LLog messages
i18n.action.debug true or false (Default) Adds the basic I18n tag in square brackets to tooltips of buttons and menu entries.
i18n.dump List of locales Defines a list of locales for which the i18n resources will be dumped to the console. As in the standard applet only the locales en and de are defined, en,de is a useful value.
locale ISO code force language (only de_DE (german) and en (english) are currently supported)
ltype.maxrepetitions int maximum number of segments created by LTYPE fitting
resourcebase class reference Class path for additional resources. See applet example on page Overwritten.html, see the GUI description file on i18n as well as general information on i18n.
print.margin margin, or top,left,bottom,right Set the default print margin(s). The expected values are lengths, so don't forget the unit. Examples:
state.callback Name of Javascript function Javascript function which will be called when the applet changes state. This will only work in a useful way for applets not using the standard DXF Viewer for display.
To allow for calling Javascript from the applet you'll have to add the MAYSCRIPT attribute to the applet tag.
The Javascript function will be called with a string parameter indicating the applet's state:
view.bgcolor color name or HTML color value DEPRECATED: background color for model view.
For consistency use the "bgcolor" attribute of the <modelview< tag in the GUI description file (see Appletparamter dxf.applet.gui.descr above).
wide.line.fill true or false When set to true, then wide polylines are drawn filled.