DXF Applet Internationalization (I18n) Support

The Applet uses the standard Java mechanism based on resource bundles for I18n support with some additions. You can either pack your resource bundles (Java class files or property files) into the jar file as de/caff/dxf/applet/DxfAppletResourceBundle_xy.class or de/caff/dxf/applet/DxfAppletResourceBundle_xy.property or use the applet parameter resourcebase to define a base of your own.

Most resources you see are used for actions. Because an action may have several i18nable resources, the resources are referenced by a key combination of two parts:

The prefixes are given in the action section and the description of states in the modelview section in the GUI description file reference.

The following tables describes the possible suffixes (not all possibilities of prefixes and suffixes need to be defined).

-NAME[ACTION]Defines the basic name, i.e. the text which is shown as a menu entry
-TTT[ACTION]Defines the tool tip text
-DESCR[ACTION]Defines the long description (which may be shown in status bars)
-ACCEL[ACTION]Defines the accelerator key
-MNEMO[ACTION]Defines the mnemonic
-ICON[ACTION]Defines the path of the icon. The path is resolved via Class.getResource(), so the icon is searched in the classpath.
-ICON-DIS[ACTION]Disabled icon. Also see -ICON[ACTION] above.
-ICON-INACT[ACTION]Inactive icon. Also see -ICON[ACTION] above.

There are various (with picking support even myriads) of other resources, so adding a complete other language is some work. But in most cases you should be able to get a decent coverage by adding the following resources:

Resource KeyDescriptionEnglish
lbLayers-NAME[ACTION] Border title of layer panel Layers:
lbInvert Action prefix for Invert button in layer panel -NAME[ACTION]: Invert
lbSelectAll Action prefix for Select all button in layer panel -NAME[ACTION]: Select All
ttt.memory Tooltip text for memory usage panel, use %0 as placeholder for allowed memory Memory Usage: current/reserved (max. allowed: %0)
msgOpening Status bar message on file reading, use %0 as file URL place holder Opening %0...
msgNoText Status bar message given if no fonts are available Version without TEXTs
msgConverting Status bar message on file conversion, use %0 as file URL placeholder Converting %0
msgFromShx Status bar message if SHX file is read and converted, use placeholders %0 for file URL, %1 for SHX format description, %2 for number of created characters Creating DXF from SHX file %0 (%1), %2 character shapes
msgShowing Status bar message given after file is converted, use %0 as file URL placeholder Showing %0
msgShowingLines Status bar message given after file is converted, use %0 as file URL placholder, and %1 as number of created lines placeholder Showing %0 [%1 lines]
msgError Status bar message given if an error occured. Error occured
msgPrinting Status bar message given while printing Printing...
msgPrintingOk Status bar message given if printing is complete. Printing complete.
msgAskFileOverwrite Question asked if user selects a file for saving which is already there. Use %0 as placeholder for file name. File %0 already exists.\nOverwrite?
msgSaving Status bar message while file is saved. Use %0 as placeholder for file name. Saving file %0 ...
msgSavedOk Status bar message given if file was saved. Use %0 as placeholder for file name. Saved file %0 successfully
warnWarnings Status bar message given if warnings occrued during file read/convert. Use %0 as placeholder for number of warnings. There have been %0 warning(s)!
warnNoFont Warning issued of font is not found. Use %0 as placeholder for font name. Cannot find font %0, taking TXT instead
warnNoFontLoad Warning issued if font load fails. Use %0 as placeholder for font name. Cannot load font %0, taking TXT instead
headWarning Header for warnings WARNING:
err!Fonts Error message given if there are no fonts found Cannot find fonts...
err!EmptyModel Error message given if nothing is created from a DXF file Sorry: the created model is empty!
err!openFile Error message given on loading of non-existing file, use %0 mas placeholder for file name Cannot open file '%0'!

There are also two helpful applet parameters which are useful during the editing of resources: